Welcome. Kids Invent (Hawaii) no longer offers classes but would like school teachers to incorporate its activities in their classrooms to encourage students to get excited about science.

These activities will be the same as we taught over the past 14 years in the after-school programs at a number of elementary schools in Hawaii. We excited students so we think teachers can do the same.

All the activities are hands-on, teaching sophisticated science concepts, that even kindergartners can understand by creating toys. We will make these available on Amazon beginning in 2019.


The activities try to use common materials, so students can build similar toys at home. We will design the curriculum to include:

We may include videos on how to teach the lessons. But these may come later.

Check on Amazon to see the status of the curriculum. These will be labeled K-3. Some for older students already are on Amazon.


Hands-on Science Activities

With the Kids Invent program, students use concepts of science and technology to invent toys and games. Kids learn all of this while having fun!

Each class introduces one or more concepts of science. The students learn key words and then create toys related to the concepts. These hands-on science activities help them visualize how the concepts work in the real world and how to apply them. 

We strive to use common materials so kids can continue experimenting on their own at home. We want them to be inventors and to enjoy science. To be an inventor, science is key. As a scientist, you experiment to learn and discover new things. Experimenting is also essential for inventors to make their inventions work better.

After each class, we provide the students with class summaries so parents can help reinforce concepts at home. Children become excited when parents show interest in what they do. 

In our activities, kids invent toys, because they are familiar with toys and toys grab their interest and easily spur their imagination.

To view a sample of activities we offer, check our after school program. We work with many concepts of science, such as force, motion, energy, pressure, flexibility, and so on. We are continually creating new hands-on science inventing activities. At most schools, we provide about 35 activities through the school year, with classes once a week. Each year we provide completely new activities.

Our Kids Invent after school program gets children to do what they love to do most – be creative! They rev up their imaginations and engage their hands and minds to invent. They have a blast and will be learning essential skills such as:

Kids Invent coincides with Hawaii education content and performance standards (General Learner Outcomes). While students invent toys through our classs activities, they also learn to become

Kids Invent activities also meet many of Hawaii's Grade Level Performance Indicator Progression criteria (Hawaii education standards) for science. View how our after school program relates to the criteria by checking out education standards. We also have hands-on science curriculum aimed at enhancing the teaching of specific areas of the education standards for grades K through 6.

Our after school program of science classes are offered through the school year at a number of public and private schools. You can see a list of the schools on the Flyers tab (dropdown box).

If you would like information on how to start a program at your school, or if you are a school wanting to offer one-time classes, see organizing Kids Invent science classes at your school.