Hands-on Science Classes

We offer after-school science classes once a week at selected schools throughout the school year. During summer, we offer more frequent classes at certain schools.

If your school does not have our program, contact us about starting classes at your school, or join one of our summer programs. Our summer programs generally are open to all students.

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All of our classes are hands-on science.

For grades K-2, our classes work with toy projects that teach students science concepts. For higher grades, students learn to understand the importance and use of diagrams and instructions. These activities focus on projects, robots, and experimentation.

Learning science through by building toys for grades K-2

The aim of this program is to stimulate students to learn and enjoy science.

Students make different toy inventions each class throughout the school year. Each hands-on toy project demonstrates a science concept. The toy helps the student relate the concept to the way the toy works. The students have fun while learning, and they get to keep the toy at the end of the class to take home.

Through the projects, students learn such science concepts such as friction, air pressure, gravity, kinetic energy, and so on. We may sometimes repeat important concepts with different projects to reinforce the ideas.

A sample of the more than 20 toy activities we do in a school year: (We create new activites for every school year.)

Science projects for grades 3-4

Students work with advanced toy projects use their imaginations to manipulate experiments with science and technology. We introduce basic concepts and guide students through projects that help them build their knowledge. How does electricity work? How do you create a circuit to make lights turn on and motors run? How can you use this knowledge to build a unique car?

The focus of the learning is to explore different areas of science and technology and to have fun learning.

Advanced projects for grades 4-7

Students at this level have the knowledge and skills to create things on their own. They also have the ability to concentrate on difficult tasks as assembling robots or working in groups. We try to foster their learning by introducing them to robotics and other technology. (Not to compete with wonderful programs at the schools, we purposely do not work with Lego robotics.) We want to enhance the education of the schools.